About the Artist

Corinne doing an Ultimate Warrior thing with makeup at 3 am.
Corinne doing an Ultimate Warrior thing with makeup at 3 am.

I grew up near Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and I was an 80’s kid. Shocker. I’ve been drawing, sketching, bleeding on sewing projects, and screening t-shirts for a very long time. I own two apparel lines- Freshoteric (new) and Love Nico (old)- and occasionally work in freelance animation.

As I’ve stated on every tagline of the website, I’m a proud mom of identical twin girls. I haven’t let that stop me from my various art projects, and whenever time permits, I’ve got the laptop in front of me while they tear up the couch and run around in little capes. I have a fence. It separates us. Thank god for Amazon.

My focus as of late has been on making designs that can be printed through third party Print on Demand websites, where the artist gets a small cut and they do all of the work. It’s a great current business model if you can put the effort in to get it off the ground. Especially compared to the years I spent hunched over my silkscreen methods and breathing in bleach from distressing my tees. It’s also something I can do while I’m watching my daughters, whose bed time is getting later and later. Precious few night hours to capitalize on, I tell you.

I’m currently selling on RedBubble, Society6, Spreashirt, Zazzle, and Etsy– and focusing on my new designs for the Freshoteric line. I’ll be adding selling spots through CafePress, Tostadora and TeePublic by the Christmas season.

Wolf Woman- a design I made for Freshoteric.

Love Nico’s designs will be going up on all of the same various locations by Christmas, too.

A Love Nico Print on Demand item from our Etsy shop.

There are several other projects in the works at the moment- but that’s the basic daily snapshot. Nice to meet you. Hope you have a good everything.

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