The Drunk Mermaid

THE DRUNK MERMAID- for my sister. By Corinne Alexis Hall
THE DRUNK MERMAID- for my sister. By Corinne Alexis Hall

I’ve always envied people who could make adorable designs without outlines around the characters. I would sit, stare and marvel but never actually consider trying it myself. Until the other night, when I made this one. I think I’ll be coughing up more of these.

This design is for my sister. Me and my family went up to their place in CT this summer for a couple of days of lounging around the pool, barbecue, and outdoor mini pizzas. It was absolutely lovely.

While I was there I noticed that every piece of summer decor had a mermaid or a flamingo on it. I thought, holding my 6th spiked seltzer- hey why not combine the two things (three if you include the drunk part)? So a few weeks later I sketched this design out at home.

I started working the piece in Illustrator, but couldn’t help feel it was missing some kind of finesse. I kept clicking the outline layer off, and liking what I was seeing. But no outlines? That goes against everything I’ve ever made with these hands- like I can’t help myself…

Thinking about my sister’s adorable Etsy-type decor I decided to be brave and give it a shot. I like the outcome.

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