WTF is a Pop Shaman?

The following is an old page from my very old Tumblr account.

Rock N Roll Heaven. Mixed Media drawing done in 2005 and auctioned off at a Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in NYC.

Just because everything’s gone all plastic, metal and digital, doesn’t mean the essence of things has disappeared.  It’s all the same sh*t and patterns we’ve had forever.  New haircuts, hiding in the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Because somewhere down (or up) the chain of command, the building blocks of life simplify to a degree where you reach THREE, TWO, and then ONE, basic unit.  These building blocks follow patterns, and these patterns complicate to form everything- both seen and unseen.

Therefore your fucking iPad is still made of star-stuff.  Whether you think vinyl’s more “spiritual” or not.  And that means it’s subject to the very same inexplicable anomalies that you and all human beings tend to attach personal meaning to.

As information doubles upon itself countless times throughout our history at an exponential rate, humanity tends to stay focused on the new complications which arrive in form, discussing and repeating what can be referred to as “a copy of a copy”.  As a whole it tends to disregard or ignore simpler formulas for the sake of appearing “current” or “intelligent”.

A Pop Shaman is someone who functions in the same manner as all of history’s previous Shamans- the medicine men and women who can literally “read” reality and make valid use of the information, by looking at any size or influential reach of any configuration of all information and matter.  A modern version, a “Pop Shaman”- is a name that was recently created and defined in order to supersede a public connotation to the word “Shaman”, which resurrects imagery having only to do with Nature. Pop Shamans can use ALL current surrounding manifestation to achieve the same results as Shamans- without any defining separation between nature and man-made.  This includes technology, movies, music, advertisements, fashion, trends, current psychological patterns- as well as trees and forests, breezes, bird squeaks, cat freakouts, and the occasional appearance of a fox.  A Pop Shaman can find correlations between, quite literally- everything.

There is an opposite and equivalent concept to match Carlos Castaneda’s “Art of Reading Infinity”.  This opposing concept states that if one can learn to properly read this reality, it can potentially explain some of what is going on outside of it.

This ability may or may not appeal to someone whose daily focus need include no more than earning enough money to survive.  However it is important to note that this lack of interest or acknowledgment does not in any way dictate the total sum shape of what we call “consensus reality”.  Nor does a lack of acknowledgment by a majority prove or disprove the existence of matter and movement outside of the human being’s perceivable frequency range on the known spectrum.

Consensus reality is a Democracy.  And Democracy is the destruction of the openness of reality because it is too easily influenced by those who can read patterns and act upon the fabric of reality through this knowledge.  In order to have a true Democracy, one would have to build in a mechanism which is self-policing.  That is impossible to achieve because it cannot self-police AND function.  Therefore policing can only be done from an outside source.

Pop Shamans tend to read patterns surrounding all forms of belief systems, and if necessary, throw on alarms when power has become usurped or secretly centralized.  The centralization of power is one of the easiest patterns to read as it is almost never benevolent, and a sudden imbalance of resources exists, which leaves trails that are directly traceable to the source of this imbalance.

What is the use of a Pop Shaman?

A Pop Shaman has no inherent use to other individuals unless they themselves decide to act in a way that can be labeled “useful”.  Most PS’s in the Western World understand that the labeling systems humans use here are vastly self-serving, even if the majority of that “ingestive” allocation stems from subconscious behavior.

On average, most Pop Shamans will depict things, through art, writing, music, fiction, dance, acting, or photography.  What they depict is often a similarly-themed collection of information, packed into one art form, or a combination of art forms.  They often incorporate the work of others into their own “thing”.  Some Pop Shamans point to the work of other PS’s as a means of expressing what they themselves have or are perceiving.

Some Pop Shamans wish to get a “message” out, others do not.

Not all artists are Pop Shamans, and not all PS’s are artists.  It is up to the individual to identify themselves as either, among everything else they identify with.  This identification does NOT guarantee the agreement of others.

PS- prime example- Neil Gaiman. Just sayin.

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