Wolf Woman

Wolf Woman- design for Freshoteric.
Wolf Woman- design for Freshoteric.

This one was fun for me. Another design that was originally an acrylic painting, based on an afternoon dream I had while coming down with a fever. I woke from the dream and started painting.

It was all hotels, a wedding and two warring crews of people afflicted with lycanthropy. Werewolves.

Original acrylic painting of “Wolf Woman”.

It reminded me of a friend, Lily Diamond MacHugh. So I… think… I tagged her on Instagram- or directly wrote to her- it turned out she was writing a werewolf character for a comic at that very moment.

It also reminded me of my old friend Alex Brook Lynn, and new friend Gejo Millan.

The painting is still sitting here in my studio, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it away or sell it. I’m attached.

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