Rainbow Kabuki

Rainbow Kabuki. Designed (again) for Freshoteric.

This one was originally a Love Nico shirt, taken into Illustrator and beefed up.

Original Love Nico t-shirt- distressed and hand screened with waterbase ink.

There are a few great tutorials on LinkedIn Learning about painting with vectors in Illustrator. One in particular that I loved (which taught me a lot) described a very easy process of making your own vector brushes- by painting with black ink or paint, photographing/ scanning the art, using Photoshop to clean it up, and then importing the .TIF file into Illustrator. With a simple trace you can set the brush stroke to become a vector brush.

LinkedIn Learning requires a paid subscription (for all the use I get out of it it’s worth it). Here’s a link to the Illustrator part of the process from an online tutorial:

After learning how to do it I thought of the above shirt first. I decided to revamp it. And the result was this:

Inevitably, though, I have to vomit color on everything I do. So “Rainbow Kabuki” was born, and I opted to throw it into the Freshoteric line, rather than keep it in the currently-not-being-worked-on Love Nico roster.

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