Chango design by Corinne Alexis Hall for Freshoteric Designs.
Chango design for Freshoteric.

A lot of my Freshoteric art is older, based on an acrylic painting or a sketch from the past two decades. This one’s new.

Done in Illustrator, my reference for the figure is actually a 3D model I made for the piece using Adobe Fuse CC. I’ve never been strong on feet and hands in perspective- I can draw them, but it takes a very long time to get it right.

For years I wanted to learn 3D modeling, just so I could create a repeatable character and scenes- for use with designs like this, or a comic book. But learning an entire new interface and artistic discipline as intense as 3D is time-consuming, especially when you’re all about using it for a project outside of that skill.

Adobe Fuse lets you create a character from presets, and you can customize it quite a bit. You can then take that character into Photoshop, or upload it to their rigging and posing website, pick a movement and fine tune down to the frame of animation provided for the perfect shot (and then pull that movie into Photoshop).

I didn’t want a disproportionate Chango that took a month to get right. I’m glad we live in the future.

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