The Black Scarab- Corinne Alexis Hall
The Black Scarab- Corinne Alexis Hall

Esohysteria- a state of hysteria caused by esoteric “stuff”.


Esohysteria is a word I came up with while working at Enchantments in the East Village, NYC. It described something I often feel, but had no word for- like when you and a friend share the same dream and you won’t shut up about it for the rest of the week- or when you say something specific like “water water water” and someone walks past you and your group on the street a couple of minutes later and exclaims “WATER WATER WATER!!!” but there is NO way they heard you. Those things. Synchronicities. Whatever you call them.

What the hell does the ball want now?

I bought this domain some years ago, never really sure of what I’d do with it. I just liked my coined term. But today its purpose “revealed itself to me” (as I yack a little to the side)- it’s going to be my blog. So that my personal website won’t be cluttered and perhaps stand a chance of looking an iota professional. That would be good. Hire me.

I used to be into all sorts of things- like digging way too deep into the meaning behind why a crow is screaming outside my window- or all of those visions which absolutely guaranteed that I would meet David Bowie some day (did not happen). When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I seemed to find the “overly spiritual off switch” before I even left the sonogram office. Being into reading everything around me as some kind of symbolic carrot on a stick obviously didn’t fit into my motherhood instincts. Adios.

My baby people are stable, stout little toddlers now, and though I’ll never be quite as deep down any rabbit holes again, I do miss blogging. Which brings me here today, new website, time to clean up my personal one for a nice overhaul.

Fortune Not Found: Abort, Retry, Ignore?

I still have a lot of stories. I’ll share them here. I’ll also share way too many designs, progress with my companies and projects, and links to products I put my stuff on. I hope someone out there grabs a hold of this little internet nook and stays for a while.

I’ll be watching…

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